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v8.7.0 Updates - Released Dec 8th, 2013
Codename: Happy Birthday Kel!
**** More font installer improvements.
**** Fixed Conditions not being added.
**** Organized features page.
**** Fixed progress bar not being saved.
**** Fixed installer background not being saved.
**** Organized global_lang and fixed errors in it.
**** Added COMSPEC to information pane.
**** Added PowerSchemes for Windows 8.
**** sysdir fixes in wpi.hta.
**** Selecting Operating System improvements.
**** Core.js improvements.
**** Reverted to DHTMLx v2.6.
**** [Feature] WMI-based TimedWaitForProgram.
**** Fixed "Read Me" window size.

v8.6.7 Updates - Released July 20th, 2013 (Supporter)
**** Fixed the timer issues that was occuring with ie10 & ie8.
**** [Feature] SetAppAsDefault.
**** [Feature] TimedWaitForWindow and CloseWindow.
**** Compiled DHTMLx to v3.6.
**** Removed 64bit options as they are auto-enabled.
**** Added {CMD} to the list of functions.
**** Add Win2k to conditions.
**** Fixed a executebefore64bit error.
**** User file written version updated slightly.
**** Fixed a autologoncount error.
**** Fixed a alert sound location error.
**** More info added to the installer log.
**** Removed more old leftover code.
**** Added setfilesystem to the conditions.
**** More fontinstaller improvements.
**** Tons of textual errors fixed.
**** Added {MSI} to the commands for standard msi files.
**** Added alerts to themewizard when exiting.
**** Fixed a couple of resolution errors.
**** Restored "Float" for the tooltips.
**** Tons of minor features improved.
**** Fixed AutoAdminLogin feature.
**** Added HiPerformance Power Scheme for Win7.
**** Redundant code removal.
**** Theme fixes.
**** Expanded wmi functions.

v8.6.6 Updates - Released April 8th, 2013 (Supporter)
**** Slight Themewizard changes.
**** More code cleanup and minor fixes.
**** Added function getProductKey.
**** Fixed a dependancies bug.
**** Fixed the download feature in Win7 & Win8.
**** Fixed Edition ID in WinXP.
**** WinXP will now display CD\DVD Info properly.
**** Added function Detect Keyboard Layout.
**** OSLang Improvments.
**** Enabled Drag 'n Drop in configuration tab.
**** Fixed installation order bugs.
**** Fixed timer issues when using IE10.
**** Fixed the runinvalidsignatures issues.

v8.6.5 Updates - Released Jan 19th, 2013 (Supporter)
*** Fontinstaller finally works!
*** Tons of internal code fixes.

v8.6.4 Updates - Released Jan 14th, 2013 (Supporter)
*** Officially added myselfidem to the developers. WELCOME!
*** Diskchanger enhancements.
*** Restored var OSProps, winMgts;.
*** Connectedtointernet is now a visible condition.
*** isdesktoploaded is now a visible condition.
*** TONS of manual internal fixes and corrections.
*** Minor installer.hta cleanup.
*** SystemEnclosureType fix.
*** Added in wmi detection FirewallProductName, AVProduct.
*** Fixed the extra buttons not showing on USB by default.
*** Changed a ton of nobr tags.
*** Lots of minor fixes to the internal .htm files.

v8.6.3 Updates - Released October 4th, 2012
*** Added some (all?) of the Win8 Edition OSSKU info.
*** Better recognition of Win8.
*** Better recognition of IE 9 & 10.
*** Fixed getKeyboardID for x64 windows.
*** Fixed getPointingDevice for x64 windows.
*** Fixed getSoundDeviceID for x64 windows.
*** Conditions ConnectedToInternet will return true or false.
*** Conditions isDesktopLoaded will return true or false.
*** Conditions hasDVDDrive will return true or false.
*** Conditions hasDVDBurner will return true or false.
*** Removed duplicate hasDVDROM entry.

v8.6.2 Updates - Released September 12th, 2012
*** Fixed ArchType in the installerlog.
*** Fixed OSBuild in the information section.
*** More information tweaks.
*** Added Number of cores to information.
*** Added Number of logical Processors to infomation.
*** Added USB to the information section.
*** Function get system enclosure has been greatly enhanced.
*** Extra language entries at the bottom of lang_en.

v8.6.1 Updates - Released September 4th, 2012
*** Fixed GetOSvernum.
*** Restored installer window size.
*** More language localization fixes.

v8.6.0 Updates - Released September 1st, 2012
*** Fixed some localizations not getting fully utilized.
*** Get Firewall product now shows current information.
*** Get Antivirus product now shows current information.
*** Added Windows and Theme file location into the log.
*** Fixed Get Edition ID.
*** Added OS Current Build to log.
*** More lines at the bottom of the lang_en file.
*** Removed some redundant code. (Skins file???)


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